Established in 1999, La Galerie is an art centre located in Noisy-le-Sec, in the inner Paris suburbs.

The La Galerie programme revolves around an annual theme at a rhythm conducive to experimentation and creativity. Spread over an entire season, the theme brings together the art centre’s activities as a whole – exhibitions, productions, events, residencies, publication, arts outreach – in the form of a unified, ongoing project.

Our four annual exhibitions, each accompanied by a publication, are an opportunity to discover new works by both internationally recognised and emerging artists. We provide artists with practical assistance via residencies (one for artists, one for curators and one for authors) and production of new works, and highlight La Galerie’s international emphasis with the publication of a free bilingual guide to each exhibition as well as invitations to guest curators from abroad. As part of each exhibition, the La Galerie team offers educational and cultural activities as well as outreach facilities. These activities are free of charge.

The programme at La Galerie defends a committed approach to art in which the artists’ stances are clear and both the art centre team and visitors can make their points of view known. Working from the postulate that the art field is separate neither from the personal or the political, this approach takes into account both the art centre’s territory, situated in one of mainland France’s youngest “département”, and the context in which an artwork appears: the circumstances of its production and, more generally speaking, of its creator. Linking artistic issues to other affective, social and cultural considerations, the art centre is engaged in ongoing, evolving attention to the circumstances of production of artworks, as well as their circulation, documentation and reception.