A house of dust, a house of stone, a house of

For this new season La Galerie will be entirely dedicated to the concept of hospitality. Hospitality raises the issue of our capacity for receptiveness, open-mindedness, generosity and accessibility towards events and other people. It is necessarily a question, a horizon, an impetus in that its full realisation – a radical hospitality – would involve turning the building inside out like a glove and bringing the outside inside in an unbroken flow. Looking beyond the inside/outside polarity, we will be trying out all the nuances of this move towards openness, which might begin as a way of turning our everyday acts into outward-looking ones.


The season will continue the exploration of the art centre’s role in the physical, symbolic, social and cultural space of the city begun during the season “Your Hands in My Shoes” under the guidance of curator Vanessa Desclaux in 2016–2017. It will thus pursue an examination of the ability of the art centre’s inhabitants – the team, the artists – to welcome the unknown.